Intellectual Delinquent

A comedy road trip across America to promote the plight of the homeless. What started out as six individual dreams has become a team of committed comedians laughing across America and all the way to the Las Vegas Comedy Festival held October 13th - 17th

Each comic is allowed $50 and one backpack as they compete in the 2004 Laugh Across America Contest , an annual comedy competition held in 15 states, canvassing over 13,000 driving miles.

The comics compete for prizes and possible stardom while all the while their story is compelling as they donate all proceeds raised to the homeless people of the nation. In the end the comic who has the most of his initial $50.00, will have all proceeds from the December 18th 8 PM Show at the Aster Comedy House, donated to a local Minneapolis homeless shelter.

HELP US SPONSOR THE TOUR Contact Lisa for More Info at 661-336-3220 OVER 13,000 MILES FOR THE HOMELESS!!

5 Comedians from the Midwest

It seems like all great comedians grew up on the East Coast, most notably in New York. But, many great comedians prove that, in order to be great at your craft, you don’t have to grow up near the Atlantic Ocean. Continue below to learn about five fantastic comedians who are from the Midwest, also known as the Heartland of America.

1.) Louie Anderson

The first comedian on our list is the infamous Louie Anderson. Anderson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and made his debut on The Tonight Show in November 1984. When Anderson was on The Tonight Show, he demonstrated his phenomenal stand-up skills. Three years later, Anderson booked a comedy special which aired on Showtime. Shortly after Anderson’s Showtime comedy special, he began booking a lot of rolls and stand-up shows. Three shows Anderson is known for are; Life with Louie, The Louie Show, and Family Feud. Currently, you can watch this Midwestern comedian crack jokes on the FX comedy, Baskets.

2.) Jim Gaffigan

The second Midwestern comedian on our list is Jim Gaffigan. Gaffigan was born in Elgin, Illinois and is known for his humor about fatherhood, observations, and food. Gaffigan’s comedic career in the early 90’s after he performed a stand-up routine on The Late Show with David Letterman. Some of the things Gaffigan is most notable for are; his Hot Pocket bit and his high-pitched negative feedback on his performance. Throughout this Midwestern comedian’s career, he has filmed many stand-up specials, but the two most popular are Mr. Universe and Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed. Aside from stand-up gigs, Gaffigan has been in numerous T.V. shows and movies, and even did a short run on Broadway.

3.) Kyle Kinane

The next Midwestern comedian on our list is Kyle Kinane. Born in Addison, Illinois, Kinane premiered in television with his role as “Young Roger Clinton” on The Nanny. Aside from the small television role, Kinane debuted as a comedic with his album, Death of the Party. Death of the Party was critically acclaimed, and Variety even named Kinane one of the “Ten Comics to Watch in 2010”. One year later, Kinane became Comedy Central’s on-air announcements voice. With success in that role, Comedy Central gave Kinane a half hour special. Since then, Kinane has appeared on many Comedy Central shows, such as, Drunk History, @midnight, and TripTank. In the recent years, this Midwestern comedian has done stand-up in many shows, such as Last Call with Carson Daly, Live at Gotham, Conan, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Currently Kinane is touring the United States, to perform his latest stand-up show.

4.) John Mulaney

The next Midwestern comedian on our list grew up in the Windy City. Born in Chicago, Illinois, John Mulaney made his comedic debut as a writer for Saturday Night Live. During his six season run on Saturday Night Live, Mulaney occasionally appeared on Weekend Update, as well as being the co-creator of the infamous Saturday Night Live character, Stefon. While on the Saturday Night Live writing staff, Mulaney won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music Lyrics. After his run on Saturday Night Live, this Midwestern comedian preformed stand=up on many talk shows. Mulaney also created the NBC show, Mulaney. Unfortunately, Mulaney only ran for two years (it was canceled in May 2015). Mulaney’s most recent work includes his stand-up special, The Comeback Kid, which you can view on Netlfix.

5.) Hannibal Buress

The last Midwestern comedian on our list also grew up in the Windy City. Hannibal Buress, like many comedians, made his comedic debut as a write on Saturday Night Live. During his time on Saturday Night Live, Buress made his first stand-up album, My Name is Hannibal. Shortly after his one year run on Saturday Night Live, Buress began writing for 30 Rock. After only six months, Buress quit 30 Rock. Then, he made his second stand-up album, Animal Furnace. Since then, Buress has performed stand-up on various television shows.